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A line for the masses! And we mean MASSIVE! Our 120ml unicorn flavors have made a BIG BANG in the vape scene! From sweet to tart to creamy, this 120ml line has something for everyone!



Lem'n Berry

Are you #TeamLemon or #TeamBerry?! We'll let YOU decided where you loyalty lies! The way these sweet lemons make the delicious berries POP, you'll understand why our intergalactic version of a Pink Lemonade stands in its own category!


Imagine cutting a juicy Grapefruit in half, topping it with sugar, then diggin in with a huge spoon! This was Grandma's secret weapon and now we are sharing it with you! Get your tart fix, followed by a nice ruby red exhale... all topped with a soft 'n sweet sprinkle of sugar!




Who said lemons have to be sour!? These Lemon Sugar Drops are delicious without being too tart or overbearing. This is definitely a smooth all day vape!

Galactic Milk

A very Special cereal bar that will layer your tastebuds with milky yogurt, icing, cereal and most importantly, the chewy mix of Red Berries! Not too creamy, not too crunchy. This one is just right!




The name says it all! A delicious watermelon candy, backed by juicy tangerines and mangos! Whether you like a cooler vape or heating up into warp speed, everyone is bound to find an out of this world flavor note that is sure not to disappoint!

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